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Warrior Salute History

Michael Reilly: Co-Founder and Chairman of Warrior Salute Inc.

Michael L. Reilly

Warrior Salute


Kevin Brown: Co-Founder and Chairman of Warrior Salute Inc.

Kevin Brown

Warrior Salute


Darien Dommel: Chairman Warrior Salute Inc.

Darien Dommel

Warrior Salute



It started with two IT guys sitting at a bar... discussing their desire to do more in this world.  Drinking a beer, Michael Reilly and Kevin Brown decided right there that they wanted to do something to give back.  They chose the military Veteran community -- since they support the Department of Defense (DoD) every day in their day jobs and have family that has served our country as well. They noticed that there was a gap with small local Veteran charities not getting the awareness and funding that they need to support our returning Veterans. Their epiphany was born -- Warrior Salute! The goal was to host a fun but meaningful charity golf tournament where they could invite members of the Military community, both active and retired, and their IT colleagues to sponsor the event to raise funds while giving back a day of fun and camaraderie to our honored Warriors/Veterans to show appreciation for their service.


From Michaels' experience with Veterans that have participated, many have said that the ability to remove ones-self from the images of war that remain in their memory by focusing on golf, makes these events a retreat from the PTSD they may suffer from during their service for our country.  Focusing on golf for a day creates a mental escape.  As Jack Nicklaus was quoted to say, “Golf is 80% mental, 10% ability and 10% luck.“


Salute to Military Golf Association (SMGA - Veteran Non-Profit) provides free golf lessons to returning Veterans that want to learn golf but more importantly want an outlet to relieve their stress or anxieties by focusing on the game. SMGA provides Veteran Golfers for our events and we honor them with a free day of golf, food and beverages, fun, and camaraderie, with members of the Services and Industry supporting them.


"We have had some amazing speakers/war heroes to kick off our events like USMC LT COL Justin Constantine (ret.), US Army Sniper, SGT Adam Campbell (ret.)US Army COL Greg Gadson (ret.) who was the first double amputee Commanding Officer at FT. Belvoir and Actor in the movie “Battleship“ ( to USMC 1st LT (ret.) John O’Brien, said, Michael Reilly.  Michael tells the story of one encounter; "I personally met1st LT John O'Brien on a Southwest flight and randomly invited him to be our Guest Warrior Golfer. John tells the Warrior Salute crowd how this quirky IT guy snuck up behind him while exiting the plane, tapped him on his shoulder to (A.) thank him for his service and (B.) ask if he played golf?  John thought to himself, who is this creepy guy checking out my bionic limbs and asking me personal questions?? The crowd laughed but I wanted to make sure he knew Warrior Salute was there to honor him, his service, and provide an opportunity to play some golf. John obliged by attending our event and generously offered to speak about how golf allows him to retreat from his wounds suffered both physically and mentally to focus on the game, the outdoors, and the fun! None the less, our guest speakers all realize and express a common message, the returning US Veteran needs support, services, training, guidance and some love from the US Public and Veteran charity organizations."





Tammy Black Shaffer: CMO Warrior Salute Inc.

Tammy Black 
Warrior Salute 

Chief Marketing Officer


Staci Clawson 

Warrior Salute

Website Manager

Debbi Shaw: Marketing Warrior Salute Inc.

Debbi Shaw

Warrior Salute


Robin Fuchs 


Lino Felise

Warrior Salute


Mike Ertz  

Warrior Salute

Tax Lead

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