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Warrior Salute provides meaningful platforms and events to raise funds for other Warrior and Veteran organizations.  Come join us and lend your support!
11875 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20191
2021 Warrior Salute Charity
Golf Tournament 
Reston National Golf Course

October 22, 2021

2020 Challenge

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to highlight challenges, but more importantly, to focus on the things to be grateful for in life.  Warrior Salute was grateful to be able to donate $3000 to paws4vets -- one of our veteran organizations that need year-round support -- despite having to cancel our charity golf tournament in 2020.


The paws4vets Assistance Dog Placement Program provides customized Assistance Dogs to Veterans, Service Members, and their dependents with physical, neurological, psychiatric, or emotional disabilities.

Meet MAC


Milestone Update:
Sometimes life has different plans for us.  I decided to become an Ambassador Dog, but don't worry, I can still show off my heart alert skills! I am an Ambassador Dog for a paws4people staff member, Austin.  With this new job, I act as a demonstration dog.  These dogs are "teachers," who show our clients/handlers, trainers, staff, students, and volunteers, specific tasks, how each task should look when done correctly, and allow us to break down each task into teachable components.  I am so excited to begin this journey as a team!

About Warrior Salute 
Our Mission:  
To raise awareness for returning men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces while engaging the community for aid to assist in honoring and supporting the Warfighter.
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Nate's update

Message from the Client:
Right before Covid hit, BANKS and I were able to go to Galaxy Con with the family. Four years ago this would have never happened. I was able to cope with the crowds and noises with my buddy BANKS by my side. This was a huge accomplishment for me.

Since Covid came out life has been much more stressful than last year. All the changes with having kids home 24/7 and homeschooling them. I didn't think my bond with BANKS could get any stronger but I was wrong. We have continued our training and he continuously surprises me with how smart he is. I couldn't have been placed with a better partner.


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